Walter Isaacson is famous for his biographies of geniuses including Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. In his latest book, he set out to biographize 2020 Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna as the definitive hero of a new age of biology.

The covid pandemic suddenly threw recent advances in biology into global public consciousness. Magazine covers, newspaper editorials and television news are filled with gushing coverage of the heroic scientists who rushed out new vaccines. Social media is agog with technical discussions about RNA.

Isaacson though was clearly already a fanatical convert before anyone had heard…


Most people, quite rightly and naturally, think of healthcare as solving the covid problem in the form of new tests, treatments, vaccines and public health initiatives.

As it turns out, healthcare may also turn out to play a surprising part in solving another problem caused by covid. This is the risk that loose fiscal and monetary policies meant to address the economic hit from covid could someday rebound and cause an even deeper economic crisis.

Healthcare spending, with its high social payoff, could boost the GDP growth rate and stave off the risk of such a negative economic policy…

A Jiffy Biomedical Primer for Generalist Investors

Covid has drawn unprecedented attention to the biomedical sector. As a corollary, many generalist investors are starting to take an interest in the sector.

Regardless of the pandemic, just by wanting to explore further, generalist investors are already on the right track. It has long been understood that healthcare is approaching 20% of the US economy and is growing similarly in importance around the world. But what covid has done is to sharpen the spotlight on one of healthcare’s key constituents — the biomedical sector. A respected student of innovation who is also…

Viren Mahurkar

Founder and Chairman of HitchinRock Advisors. Specialist in biomedical M&A, BD&L and investments. London, New York, Singapore

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